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FTM International


  • Contributes to FTM advancement: More than $169,000 and counting
  • Sponsors information and networking meetings: More than 2,150
  • Sponsors local and regional chapters and events to build FTM community
  • Sponsors internet communites for accurate information and support
  • Sponsors and provides support to conferences including the First FTM Conference of the Americas
  • Responds to requests for information: More than 56,500
  • Presents panels, workshops, trainings, papers and speakers including media, documentaries, radio, television, magazines and newspapers
  • Publishes the FTMI website reaching more than 100,000 new visitors every day
  • Publishes books, manuals, anthologies, directories, CDs, audiotapes and for 23 years The FTM International Newsletter distributed to subscribers and bookstores all over the world.

FTMInternational Builds FTM Community

FTMInternational and cognate groups provide support meetings for FTMs and their families in cities throughout the world.  FTMInternational spans 18 countries and 24 years.

Learn more at FTM International.