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On-Campus Counseling

The UNC Charlotte Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) allows students to identify their sex/gender identity in multiple ways including male/female/transgender and does not require students' identification be tied to the sex/gender that is listed on other university records.  Students are allowed to indicate that they "prefer not to answer" in response to questions regarding their sex/gender identity.

CAPS is able to provide individual therapy on a time-limited basis (up to 12 sessions per academic year).  All staff members at CAPS are able to provide therapeutic support to assist trans individuals with transition issues, as well as with any other current concerns including, but not limited to, relationship difficulties, mood/anxiety concerns, and academic concerns.

In addition, the following staff have a particular interest in working with trans students: Dr. Terri Rhodes, Dr. Jessica Groleau, and Dr. Erica Lennon.

For more information, visit CAPS or call 704-687-0311 to make an appointment.  CAPS is now located in Christine F. Price Center for Counseling and Psychological Services next to the Student Health Center.