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Housing and Residence Life

The Department of Housing and Residence Life supports all students regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. All living areas and the accompanying restroom facilities are gender-specific. Housing assignments to these areas are made based on the sex marker within the student’s university record. Assignments are made as space allows after the student completes a housing contract and pays a deposit.

We offer a variety of housing options including private (single) bedrooms in highrises, suites, and apartments. Most residents share restroom facilities with between 1 and 11 other residents (the specific number depends on the assigned area and room type). There are a limited number of suites with private restroom facilities.

Many residence halls have single-stall restroom facilities located in the common areas of the building (lobbies, lounges, etc.). These facilities do not have showers.

Gender Affirming Housing 

Housing and Residence Life at UNC Charlotte offers gender affirming housing assignments. While all housing assignments are made based on the students’ sex, gender affirming housing options enable students to request a housing assignment that may more effectively meet their gender identity needs. Students are offered the opportunity to select their housing options from a limited number of spaces reserved for students of the same sex who choose to live with others interested in affirming gender identities.

If you would like to consider this housing option, please respond Yes to the Gender Affirming question in the Special Housing Interest Options section of your housing application, apply via the Online Housing System. You can also request consideration for placement in Gender Affirming housing.

Spaces are limited. 

Students interested in obtaining more information about campus housing should visit Housing and Residence Life.