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University Recreation

University Recreation at UNC Charlotte provide a myriad of fitness, sport, and intramural activities for students, faculty, and staff.  Many of these programs and activities are gender-specific.  Please see their policies listed below for different programs.


The policy for participation in Sport Clubs is that any student can participate based on the gender to which they self-identify.  Sport Clubs is a fully inclusive department that encourages Trans identified students to participate in all levels of play. Membership to each sport club is governed by the constitution of said club.  All members must adhere to club guidelines laid out in the constitution to be eligible to participate. Please visit the Sport Club website for more details.


Intramural Sports participants may register for an event or activity under the gender to which they identify.


Personal Training clients may identify as male or female for medical purposes in relation to the differences in fitness testing. Group Fitness and Wellness program participants do not identify gender in any programs.

For more information, please visit University Recreation.