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Non-Discrimination Policy

In January 1991, UNC Charlotte added Sexual Orientation to the list of protected classes in our non-discrimination policy (Statement No. 98). In April 2011, the Student Government Association passed a resoultion supporting adding "gender identity and/or expression" to this policy. In October 2011, the Facutly Senate unanimously passed a resolution calling for "gender identity and/or expression" to be added to this policy. "gender identity and/or expression" were officially added to Policy Statement No. 98 on December 20, 2011. During the Summer of 2014 additions to the policy were made to include the langauge "transition status" in order to be more inclusive to our gender fluid, and non-binary students. This policy took effect in August of 2014.




This regulation declares that University educational and employment decisions about a student, faculty member, or staff member cannot be based on the individual's sexual orientation, gender identity, or transgender status. Complaints about violations of this standard are directed to the Director of Human Resources for employees and to the Dean of Students for students.


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte believes that educational and employment decisions should be based on the abilities and qualifications of individuals and should not be based on irrelevant factors, including personal characteristics, that have no connection with academic abilities or job performance. Among the traditional factors which are generally "irrelevant" are race, sex, religion, disability, and national origin. It is the policy of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte that the sexual orientation, actual or perceived gender identity or gender expression, and/or transition status (including but not limited to physical transition), transgender status, or gender nonconformity of an individual be treated in the same manner. Such a policy ensures that only relevant factors are considered and that equitable and consistent standards of conduct and performance are applied.


An employee of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte having a complaint of discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, transition status (including but not limited to physical transition), transgender status, and/or gender nonconformity should notify the Executive Director of Human Resources for EPA Non-faculty Administration, Employee Relations, and Compliance.  A student should notify the Office of the Dean of Students.

This policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression in educational and employment decisions of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte does not prohibit the University from establishing relationships with outside organizations that do not adhere to such a policy. 

For more information or to see the full policy please see our legal policies.